Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How I am about Fashion

       This blog will be basically about Fashion and how I feel about it. Fashion has been in me since I was little. I always wanted to dress up. When I was at school, I use to be dress up to the T. In 2006, I have really fell in love in fashion. I began thinking about how to make earrings, although I didn't have any earring supplies. I took my old earrings and made earrings out of string. It took me forever how to figure it out. Later, I kept making earrings and became "professional" at it. I began buying the Real supplies to make earrings. Jewelry making led me into designing clothing. When I design clothes, I think outside the box. I want my clothing to be different, but I also want people to wear it in the public. I want people to feel famous as they are wearing my outfits! Although I haven't started my clothing business, but I have started my Jewelry business. Soon, I will put them on here so get prepared! Also visit http://kiataylor1.polyvore.com/ to see my designs. These are other people clothing, but I put outfits together and made it look like it was somewhat in a magazine. If you have a polyvore account, please follow me and like my pictures.


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